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Trouble Getting to Sleep? Chiropractic May Help!

man sleeping soundlyIf you have trouble falling or staying asleep, a host of factors could be contributing to the problem. Chiropractic care may play a significant role in helping you finally catch up on some much-needed rest.

The Secret Ingredient for Better Sleep

We always tell our new patients not to plan too much for the afternoon of their consult, since we’ve noticed that people feel extra relaxed and sleep really well after this first neurological reset. Our patients tend to get more sleep and better quality sleep once they’re getting adjusted regularly. As you experience less stress on your nervous system, your whole body unwinds, making it less likely that you’ll have pent-up energy at night.

How to Set Yourself Up to Relax

During your visit, our chiropractors will also talk to you about lifestyle factors that may be keeping you awake. Screen use in the evening exposes you to bright light that prevents melatonin from kicking in, making your sleep less deep and less restful. We recommend putting all screens away at least one hour before bedtime to send your body the signal that it’s getting late.

Other common issues we see include drinking coffee too late in the afternoon and not getting enough exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to become an extreme athlete. Just adding some basic movement to your daily routine, like going for a walk, can improve your quality of sleep.

Finally, the position you sleep in plays a major role in making rest both comfortable and restorative. Sleeping on your stomach is likely to set you up for neck problems, especially if you always have your head turned to the same side. It’s best to get into the habit of sleeping on your side or back. We supply Peace Pillows at our office to make sure your spine is getting the support it needs so you feel refreshed, both day and night.

Book Now for Better Sleep

Let’s put an end to insomnia, once and for all. Get in touch with our team today so we can start brainstorming the right sleep solution for you.

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