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New Patients

When you walk into Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton, you’ll enjoy a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

The First Visit

This comprehensive process takes 45 minutes to one hour. It involves a conversation about what you want to achieve and your healthy history. With your permission we proceed with a spinal assessment, posture photos and may take x-rays on a case by case basis. These can be done in our office. We may provide the first adjustment on a case by case basis, at this appointment.

The Second Visit

When you return, you’ll watch a short DVD we have put together to help you improve your spinal habits and let you know what you can expect. Then, you’ll meet with your chiropractor to talk through the plan to get you back on track, what this involves, how long it may take and what you can do to help yourself improve.

Adapting to Your Changing Needs

Initially you may be focussed on finding relief. The initial goal is to get the dysfunction in your spine stabilised and regain some adaptability and flexibility.

You may seek further long term correction of your problems. This may take some time depending on the state of your spine and degree of injury. At this point we hope to see your posture improve, which we track with our posture tracker app.

The best part of all is reaching a point of wellness, where you can express your body’s full capacity for health. A healthy spine is essential for great health, as the spinal cord and nervous system runs through your spine. We have many clients who decided to stay under life time chiropractic care for their general wellbeing, function and prevention.

You’re welcome to cease care at any time during these stages of care. We support you making the choice you feel is best for you.

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