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TMJ Treatment in Hamilton

Popping or clicking of the jaw, painful chewing, discomfort in and around the ear. Headaches and neck tightness. These are some of the common symptoms of TMJ disorders (TMD).

What Causes It?

The precise cause of a person’s TMJ disorder is often difficult to determine. Many people suffer from TMD due to clenching or grinding their teeth, a jaw injury or from adapting to orthodontic intervention.

Adults and kids alike can experience TMD.

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How Chiropractic May Help

Because the TMJ–the joint that links the temporal bone to the mandible–is delicate, addressing any misalignment requires a gentle touch. We have two chiropractors who alongside spinal adjusting, specialize in the treatment of TMJ disorders.

We integrate modern instrument-based adjusting techniques and manual adjusting techniques for our TMD clients. This allows us to modify our technique approach for people who are very sore or nervous about receiving chiropractic care. We incorporate myofascial and muscular release work alongside our adjustments to get an integrated approach to healing the body.

Actions That May Help to Prevent TMD

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent TMJ pain and problems. Addressing the reasons as to why you may be grinding your teeth at night. If you suffer from bruxism consider wearing a nightguard to prevent your teeth from grinding. You also should avoid chewing gum. Be mindful of having the mouth open for extended periods of time at the dentist, as this can aggravate the joint. Avoid leaning with your jaw onto your hand when sitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you co-manage my case with other medical professionals?

Yes, we can recommend dental and orthodontic assessments when applicable.

Are there stretching exercises I can do to help my TMD?

Yes, we can provide you with some.

How many visits will I need to address TMD?

It depends. Every person is different of course but you may experience some relief in just a few visits.

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