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Ready to Re-set Your Health?

woman sitting on park benchWe often see patients who visit us after years of putting others before themselves. For example, a mother now in her 40’s or 50’s—her children are grown and she feels like she finally has time for herself.

At Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton, we believe that the best time to put your health first is now! Re-setting your health doesn’t happen overnight, but with focus and determination, you can get back to feeling incredible.

Common complaints patients in their 40’s or 50’s usually come to us with are outlined below.

1. If you’re feeling tired.

We know your life is busy. For people who go, go, go, it’s bound to catch up at some point. Take a look at your sleeping habits and make sure you’re spending 7-8 hours a night getting shut-eye. Following breathing exercises or downloading a mediation app can also help you clear your mind for a proper night of rest.

2. If you’re feeling stressed.

Examine your daily routine and determine a cause of stress you can find—this could be emotional, physical or chemical. Go through your day step-by-step to see what jumps out at you. Are you eating poorly? Are you always rushing? Are some relationships or friendships draining? When your body isn’t processing stress properly, you won’t feel as confident or happy as you should.

3. If you’re feeling disconnected from your body.

Exercise and proper nutrition is essential at every stage of our lives—especially when we get into our 40’s and 50’s and our youth “catches up with us”. Take a look at your diet and make sure it’s balanced—be sure to eat lots of vegetables, preferably organic and fresh. We’re proud to offer nutritional support—ask us at your next visit.

4. If you’re experiencing newfound pains or difficulty moving how you once did.

Chiropractic care is designed to help your body move freely and function to the best of its ability. By providing focused, specific adjustments, we can target your problem areas and improve the balance in your nervous system. This may combat aches and pains, stress and more.

Ready to learn how we can help you? We’d love to see you in our practice soon. Contact us today to book a chiropractic appointment.

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