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Let's Get That Stiff Neck Moving Again

Woman at desk with neck painPeople often come into our practice for one issue and discover that chiropractic care has also benefited other areas of their bodies. Limited rotation in the neck is one of those issues that may appear during your regular chiropractic session.

Cervical Range of Motion

We have seen an increase in people living with limited rotation on one side of their neck. It’s often older men who mention the change, once they discover they can now turn their head to back out of the driveway and see better in traffic. Once chiropractic removed the interference in their neck, it was clear how much movement they lost over time.

Decreased range of motion in the neck may occur from

    • Excessive computer and cellphone use
    • Trauma or injury
    • Whiplash
    • Driving or sitting for extended periods
    • Sleeping incorrectly
      • Carrying a heavy shoulder bag
      • Sports that use one side of the body more
      • Repetitive movements of the upper body
      • Osteoarthritis

We are often unaware of our limitations. Minor traumas are frequently ignored, and the body adapts and learns to work around them, until it becomes a problem years later.

Helping Restore Movement

When you come into the practice, you’ll have a thorough physical exam, including cervical range of motion testing. By comparing the results of each side, we can see where there are deficiencies and address them.

People may also find their strength has increased on the side where the limitations were greatest once the nerves are no longer restricted. Everything is interconnected.

Ready to Start Moving?

Book a visit at Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton and let’s get your neck functioning the way it’s supposed to. Call us today!

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