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Is Technology Becoming a Pain in Your Child's Neck?

Technology has provided our children unparalleled access to a world of information many parents could only dream of having when they were young. This has changed the way schools prepare their curricula and teach subjects. Computer learning on iPads and laptops has become the norm starting, in some cases, as early as seven or eight years old. Most students spend several hours a day on tablets or computers. Add even more hours on smartphones, and the amount of stress on their spines becomes a problem. During this stage of development, the spine takes the shape of the form you spend the most time in.

A Growing Spine

While your child is growing, so is their spine. During this phase of their lives, anything that causes stress or unnatural strain on the spine, or the muscles and ligaments in the neck, may affect posture. This is particularly problematic because of the potential for long-lasting damage with irreversible effects. By the time the child becomes a teen, the effect on their posture is apparent. Forward head posture changes the biomechanical pressure on the spine, changing the shape of the bones. X-rays in later stages of life will show a difference in the curve of the neck and upper thoracic spine.

Adults Have Issues Too

Many people don’t think about how much their head weighs and the pressure that’s put on their neck muscles from looking down at a phone or tablet. All the small muscles at the back of the head and neck are doing a lot of work they are not designed to do. This may cause neck pain and headaches that increase in frequency.

Time for an Assessment?

Tech neck is a real and growing problem in our society. As a parent, if you notice any postural change, you should bring the child to Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton for an evaluation. Correcting potential problems is much easier at an early stage than later in life.

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