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Getting Recurrent Headaches Out of Your Daily Routine

woman with head painAt Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton, we are seeing more new people complaining of headaches, especially women. They’ve already ruled out other causes and have resigned themselves to regular headaches as part of their daily lives. But that’s not okay!

Recurrent headaches are your body’s way of saying “help me, something’s not right.” While this may be a symptom of various conditions, the cause is often something in the upper neck or head. Over-the-counter pain medications may provide temporary relief, but may cause digestive issues with prolonged use.

Chiropractic may address the underlying issue of your recurring headache. Adjustments and other therapies relieve your musculoskeletal pain and restore function and movement to the restricted areas. Give it a try, you might be surprised at the results!

Proper Ergonomics May Help

Workplace ergonomics often plays a role, especially if you don’t have an assigned work space. Few people take the time to ensure their area is properly set up, or even know how to assess the space.

At a minimum, you should sit in your chair with your feet flat on the ground, elbows at right angles, shoulders relaxed and down, and the screen at eye level. Desk height is also important.

If using a laptop, it should be on a stand to raise it, or attached to a separate monitor. Eye strain is sending more and more people to the optometrist, and affecting your posture. Doing appropriate reset exercises for the neck and shoulders while on break, or at the end of the day, also helps counter head forward posture.

If you’re working from home, don’t work from your kitchen table or sit on the bed. If you’re thinking about a standing desk, speak with us to make sure you don’t cause problems in other areas of your body.

Get Rid of Your Pain

Regular headaches are a sign of a problem. Schedule an appointment to have our chiropractor check you out. We’re here to help; call us today!

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