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Can't Sit Still in Meetings? It Might Be Time for a Chiropractic Checkup!

casual man with back painFind that you can’t sit for any length of time in a lecture or business meeting without shifting your weight? It could be an imbalance in the pelvis—which is something we may be able to help with at Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton!

You may not consciously realise you’re uncomfortable, but there are signs that your muscle groups may not be working properly: shifting your weight, crossing your legs or sitting with uneven weight distribution, for example.

If you find that it’s extra hard work to sit in a good “neutral” posture, it’s an indication that certain muscles aren’t working properly, which leads to compensation patterns that require other muscles to work harder than they should. This means your body spends too much energy just sitting still!

How Chiropractic May Help

Generally, if it’s challenging to sit in a neutral position, it can be a misalignment in the pelvis or low back. Sometimes those misalignments result from habitual patterns, like crossing your legs in the same direction all the time. They may be caused by a fall or sports injury, as well.

We’ll check the movement of all the joints of your spine and pelvis and adjust them as needed to ensure they’re working the way they should be. When proper balance is restored, sitting won’t feel like work anymore!

How You Can Help

Proper work posture is important, and working on a laptop at the dining room table for hours every day is not the best way to ensure proper posture. The stabilising Multifidus muscles alongside the spine switch off after 20 minutes of sitting, so it is important to re-activate them by alternating between sitting and standing, taking regular breaks or trying a sit-active pillow may help.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Stop wiggling in your seat to find a comfortable position—book in for an appointment for a chiropractic checkup and correct the underlying issue today!

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